Mongolian currency continues to weaken

The Mongolian currency (tugrik) has weakened nearly 40% against the US Dollar since 2013[1]

[1] retrieved 7 September 2018

Mongolian economy fastest growing in the world

Mongolia experiences 17.3% GDP growth,[1] making it the economically fastest growing country in the world.[2] Read more

Global copper prices peak

Mongolia experiences a mining boom. Global copper prices peak.[1] The copper prices reach USD 4.50/lb in April 2011. In January 2009 this was still USD 1.5/lb. See this chart:

[1] retrieved 7 September 2018

Negotiations on OTIA continue

The impact of the global financial crisis on the Mongolian economy, weakening not only the Mongolian economy but also Mongolian negotiating power, forces the government back to the negotiating table.

Global financial crisis

The 2008 financial crisis hits Mongolia as food prices go up and copper prices go down.

Hyper inflation

Inflation is 325.5%